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Nienstedten on the River Elbe, first documented in the year 1297, remained an ecclesiastical centre outside the gates of Hamburg, even into the 20th century. Small farms and handicraft establishments formed the character of the area for a long time.

The delightful location on a high bank of the river, attracted Hamburg merchants and shipowners, who established country residences along the road known as Elbchaussee.

In the meantime, Nienstedten has become a municipal district and a lively suburb of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and has also retained most of its village character. Of special importance is the church, built in 1751 and The International Tribune for the Law of the Sea, which started its work here in 2000.

Besides the usual shops and businesses a lively community has developed and includes the church parish, schools, the volunteer fire brigade, a residents association and sport association activities, more about which can be found on the various pages on this website. We are unable to translate all the pages into the English language, but we do recommend a look at the Hamburg English Pages.

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